I vowed I would never do wedding or newborn photography. If you ask me now what my favourite type of photography is? Weddings and newborn! I was scared, you only get one chance. You can always reshoot a birthday shoot, studio or or outdoor. There’s no security net with a wedding. I remember my first ever wedding December 2018 for a friend of mine. I talked myself out of it but she believed in me and convinced me I could do it. I showed up at ringwood hall shaking as a leaf with a piece of paper with timings on. There was a lovely videographer called Steve who took me under his wing and helped  save the day for me. I will never forget his kindness that day and advise, he took charge and he helped me create some gorgeous images – one even won an award – for my first ever wedding! 

So how many weddings have I done up to this point? 46, that sounds so much but some are a 2 hour package and others a half day or full day. 

What venues have you been too? Chesterfield Registry Office, Bakewell Registry Office, Sheffield Registry Office, Arnold Registry Office, Hazel Gap Barn, Sitwell Arms, Van Dyke, Ringwood Hotel, The White Hart at Moorwood Moor, Alfreton Hall, Casa Hotel, Rotherham Minster, St Bartholomew’s Church Clay Cross, Newbold Parish Church, St John the Baptist Clowne, Fox & Goose at Pudding Pie Hill, Stretton Manor Barn and Santos. Many venues such as Peak Edge booked for several times this year. However a skilled photographer can take photographs anyway and know on the day with their photography eye.

So what type of wedding photographer am you? On the day I am pretty chilled and relaxed, I will sit and chat and joke with you, I won’t be a silent person in the room – as that’s just awkward for us both! I will fetch you stuff and help out as much as I can – I am not a fly on the wall. My style? I want to capture the real you so that means getting you walking, talking, dancing and laughing as much as possible. 99% of my brides and grooms say they feel awkward infant of a camera and that why they hire me, to make you feel relaxed and natural, not overly posed just prompts. 

The process, each photographer has their own process of booking and delivering images, you need to read their T&C’S to see whats included in your package, for me there no hidden fees, no cap on photographs and everything is clearly displayed on my website. So why are you so cheap? I have many people ask why my packages are cheaper than other photographers charging between £2-3k. Well, there is two reasons:

  1. I have a studio, I do studio work around my weddings, pure wedding photographers need to make their wage over the weekend which only allows 3 days to make the income, I work seven days a week. Another bonus to this is I am shooting nearly every day, I invest in my equipment, my style and my work, its an ongoing process of development constantly.
  2. I only charge you for my labour, I don’t include albums and whatnot, because, why not cut out the middle man? You can pay me to access a website and me then message you back and ongoing or you can do it in your own time. My favourite image of the day might not be yours, and although I am there to document your story its for you to use the images to create your own story. You receive your images via a link to my website that’s password protected plus on a USB. No watermarks and high resolution for you to print to your hearts desire, when you want, what size you want – you have paid for your images so you deserve to have control of them!

So how many images do I receive? Well, how long is a piece of string? It varies so much but just know I over shoot ( my poor camera) so you always get PLENTY of images, there could be 5 just of your flowers! The hours you are paying me I am snapping away capturing everything I can for you, your satisfaction is my priority.

Or maybe you think my prices are actually quite expensive for the hours I am there. I get that, I do! I keep my prices as low as possible but I need to make a wage, pay for all my business outgoings and then onto of that my personal family bills. I believe, comparing myself to other local competitors is that for my skillset I am incredibly good value and will always be. I love doing weddings and enjoy every minute so for me its a honour to capture you day, but unfortunately, like us all, I have bills to pay. This is my full time career.

There are ALOT of wedding photographers out there, why pick you? How do we know who to pick?

The first thing I always tell people is to look at the photographers images, photography is an art and the angle, lighting and editing will differ per photographer. Some photographers are light and airy some are dark and moody, you need to find someone who does the style you like. Next find out about the photographer, make sure you gel with them as they will be with you for your day (whether its a short amount of time or a full day). Ask as many questions as you can about what you get included ( and not included). You will find the answer to these for me on my website which I have jam packed with information to help you.

Okay so how do I book? By dropping me an email or Facebook/instagram message and I can check if I am available for your day. Some people want a phone call first to see if I am right for you, some people want to meet up and some book me straight away! Its totally up to you, its your wedding day so feel free to ask me as many questions as possible.

What are your packages? I have three packages the Economy which is £300 the eclipse which is £500 and the Elite which is £800 as everything has increased lately and when observing what other photographers charge I have slightly increase the Economy package to be in line with this. Still offering amazing value from an award winning photographer for each package you also get a pre-book consultation ( if desired), a pre-wedding meeting to go through the day, unlimited communication throughout. My 100% on the day to make it special plus sneak peeks within 48 hours and your full gallery within 3 working weeks! Amazing value as always.