Newborn Shoots – Must Read!

July 22, 2020
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When picking someone to take photographs of your precious bundle of joy its important you pick someone who knows what they are doing.

Many newborn poses are made to look like something they are not. They could be composites (two photographs stitched together in photoshoot). Or other clever photography trickery.

Please make sure you pick someone who is experienced in newborn photography or doing poses that are within their capability. I have had two ladies say ” can we have the photograph of the baby in the air” of which I scratched my head and asked them to show me what they mean’t.

Now it may look like this baby is in the air but I can tell you for a fact this baby is in a newborn posing beanbag. Camera trickery and photography magic, right? However a photographer who isn’t experienced may try to recreate this how they *think* it is, which is where the danger comes in.

There are many many different poses when it comes to newborn photography and when putting babies in positions you need to know what you are doing. You also want confidence in that your photographer does. I went on a Specialist newborn and photography course to teach myself how to do these things. Previous to this I was very nervous holding peoples babies scared I would drop them or hurt them ( I’ve had two babies of my own!!). I therefore only carry out poses I am confident and comfortable doing and at your babies pace. Many poses are when a baby is asleep and when between newborn-14 days are more flexible.

I have some people come to me with 8 week old baby and want a newborn poses and I simply say this isn’t possible. As your baby grows their bones harden so many poses are specific for the first few weeks. I would NEVER put a baby in an uncomfortable or dangerous position.

Your babies safety will always be my number one priority and I will always do things at your babies pace.

So yes newborn photographers usually charge more for this service this is to cover their training/expertise. Plus specialist newborn aids such as beanbags/frames/clothing/lighting etc is a significant amount of money. I always make my packages affordable.

One of the main things people ask when booking newborn packages is can I just have an essential (20 min) package? For reasons listed above I have to charge more for this service. You will also notice that newborn packages are much longer which allows for feeds, cuddles, shushing and everything inbetween. I can tell you from past experience within 20min you will potentially not even get one image which is a waste of your money and time.

So please be reassuring my packages cover my expertise, equipment, time and your reassurance of your babies safety.

Jane – Louise x

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