I always meet my couples a few weeks before the wedding day. There’s a few reasons why so I wanted to do a post to explain. Firstly, we meet close to the date as possible as we then know if there’s been any changes. Sometimes people drop out, sometimes your guest list changes, sometimes you add or takeaway something from the original plan. By being close to the day it’s fresh in my mind and really helps you sink it it’s happening!

Next, why do we meet? Can’t it be done over email? Well the answer is yes. I ask you to complete a form before I come so if could be done that way. However, I want to hear from you all about your day. All the little things I will ask as we talk as I picture your day. We will discuss the timings so we both know what I will be doing and when

The main reason is we go through the shot list. You may have sent me one but we talk in detail, is anyone missing? Can we add some more? Is there too many and we need less? Having this right and in the correct order is crucial for the day to run smoothly.

I also need to know what sort of couple shoes you would like. Are you a fun couple? Do you want mainly poses? Unposed? Are there any particular poses or locations you want?

You have spend so much time planning your big day to a tee I need to know what the plan is so I can do my job. This means on your day you don’t have to worry about me, I won’t be nagging asking questions. I will have a piece of paper with everything we discussed on me on the day. All the little touches you want covering to all the people and their relationships. Do your mum and dad not get on anymore? I find out at this meeting.

Crucially the main benefit of face to face over email is more sensitive subjects. If there’s fractured relationships or guests with additional needs. So I can be as respectful as possible on the day and know if there’s any limitations to the posed photos. If someone flat out won’t want to be in a photo and you’ve told me on the day I won’t push it.

There’s so much both you and me get out of that pre wedding meeting and you can ask me anything at all! I’m someone who prefers face to face ( plus I get doggy cuddles sometimes! 

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