Beginners workshop

Do you want to learn how to go from auto to manual? Learn now to take good photographs? I’ve the perfect starter course


Sunday 11th June 1pm-5pm £99

Have you got a camera for christmas? Or one that needs to blow the dust off? This day course will teach you how to use your camera, we will also touch on lighting and angles. You will walk awy knowing how to use the main settings on your camera to take good photographs.

What will you learn?

How to get out of Auto and use manual.
How to use the exposure triangle.

Hands on experience photographing a model and putting it into practice.

Some tips I use on how to take good photographs and get your models (children) to respond.

How to briefly edit a photograph to finish it off.

I’ll be on hand to answer any questions throughout the day.

You will need:


– Speedlite ( message me if need help for this one)
– Laptop
– Download Lightroom (14 day free trial)
– Connector for your memory card to the laptop.

The £99 secures your slot. Hopefully we won’t have hurrendous rain on the day, drizzle is fine. Or we may need to reschedule.

This won’t teach you studio work or how to run a business. This is to help you use your camera and take professional photographs for yourself personally.


1pm start at the studio we will go through the basics of cameras and how to use manual.

2pm Models in the studio talking through angles, lighting and posing

2.30pm Break 30 minutes

3-3.45 we will go out with our models and take some photographs. This is at the park behind the studio.

4-5 we will do some very brief editing. I will help you edit 1-2 photographs each and you will have the skills to do this at home.

Any questions please ask x

Hi Jane, many thanks for your wisdom today. I found the course very informative and gave me lots to think about with respect to camera settings. Your girls were amazing subjects and so helpful with their poses! All the best.

Eddie - 2nd April